Swarm Removal

Do you have a swarm of honey bees on your property? With years of experience, we can relocate a beehive from unwanted locations safely and carefully so that bees can thrive in their new location.

Honey bees swarm as part of their annual cycle in order for their colony to reproduce. Unless threatened, these bees are usually gentle and unlikely to sting you. Swarms will usually leave in a day or two, but if you have a hive that has settled permanently, we can help rescue them safely. If the swarm is accessible, we can recover the bees at no cost, and we can provide quotes for any honey bees located in structures that require cut-outs.

We also work closely with a pest removal service that handles calls about wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.

More questions? Got a swarm in and around the Guelph, Ontario area? We’ll travel up to 100km to help you. Get in touch today.

Bees in a tree and the air after swarming